A Sports Medicine clinic run by Dr Kal Parmar, a leading Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor. Dealing with sports and
musculskeletal related injuries and illness and working with allied health practitioners such as physiotherapists to help you
maintain your peak performance.

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Specialist Services

General and Specialist
Sports Medicine

Musculoskeletal injury, diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound guided injections.


Steroid injection alternatives such as platelet rich plasma, viscosupplement injections and prolotherapy

Rugby and
Football Medicine

Understand the impacts of sports and exercise on their patients & bodies, such as concussions and repetitive motion injuries.

Contact Sport

Information about contact sports injuries, including possible causes, what to do if you get injured, plus treatment and prevention advice.

Running and
Triathlon Injuries

Specializing in the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries. Focus on recovering.

Tendon and
Overuse Injuries

Learn about Overuse Injuries symptoms and causes from experts

dr. Kal Parmar

Kal has been involved in treating sports and musculoskeletal related injury and illness since 2001. He has worked in sport from grass roots through to National Teams, having been on tour with the National Australian Men’s and Women’s senior hockey teams as well as Australian National football teams.

He consults and teaches widely in Sports and Exercise Medicine including Apex Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in Bermuda as well as teaching and training roles at the Centre for Ultrasound Studies in Bournemouth and the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, University College London.

Email parmar.admin@lips.org.uk

Tel +44 (0)207 496 3552