Personalized nutritional plan designed by professional athletes to achieve your goal (lose weight, gain weight, enhance your performance, Weight Cut) while matching your lifestyle, food restrictions, allergies and preferences. Plan your week's meals for an efficient use of resources and be in constant communication through a specialized channel for guidance. Easily manage your intake of macronutrients and calories to follow specific diets. Choose when to perform your workouts and get the best results with scheduled intakes of proteins, water and carbohydrates.

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A complete look at your next meal as well as progress

Nutrition App Preview

Nutrition Plan

A complete daily nutrition plan that is totally customisable

Nutrition App Preview


Custom supplementation requirements per workout

Lockheart And Leith

Eight Core is delighted to be partnering with Lockhart and Leith to offer our members a bespoke nutrition app. Lockhart And Leith is a team with a variety of unique backgrounds and experiences with a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, endocrinology, and nutrition to push the limits of human performance.