“Club” means Eight Private Members Club.
“Club Premises” means the demised area of the Club and its facilities.
“Member” means a member of the Club.
“Membership Options” means the membership type as chosen at that time by each member.
“Membership Tariff” means the printed tariff (as the same may be revised from time to time by the Proprietor) relevant to the Membership Option of:
(i) the joining fee (if applicable) and annual subscription.
(ii) the Member’s entitlement to usage of the Club’s facilities.
(iii) the special facilities that may be enjoyed by the Member for a charge supplemental to the annual subscription.
“Proprietor” means the Directors and owners of Eight Private Members Club.


The Club is a Proprietary club owned by the Proprietors. The Proprietor shall be responsible for providing the Club with the Club premises and all the facilities it may deem appropriate for carrying on in the Club. The day to day control and administration of the Club shall be exercised by the Proprietor’s Manager and staff of the Club. The proprietor reserves the right at any time to:
(i) Offer and maintain different types of membership of the Club with different entitlements included at different levels of joining fees and/or membership subscription.
(ii) Modify, curtail or vary the entitlements (including the usage entitlement of any Membership Option) relevant to each membership type enjoyed by each Member whether under the Membership Option or otherwise.


Members shall (depending on the Membership Option) be entitled to use and enjoy (in common with other Members and guests and invitees of the Proprietor) the Club Premises and facilities provided by the Proprietor for such use as the Proprietor may deem fit and fair. A Member shall cease to be entitled to use the Club Premises on termination of membership – even if such member has not used up his usage entitlement under his Membership Option. The Proprietor reserves the right to introduce prior booking and/or relevant prepayment systems in relation to all or any of the facilities offered.
The Proprietor’s computer records shall be conclusive evidence of the record of each Member’s visits to the Club Premises if these are relevant to the Member’s usage entitlement (depending on the Membership Option).


The duration of all memberships is for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.
Each Member of Eight shall be at least twenty one years of age.
An application for membership must be on forms provided by the Club for that purpose and on submitting from the online platform is therefore in agreement of these rules.
Each Member warrants the accuracy of the information provided
Such joining fee as may be relevant to the Membership Option shall be payable to the Club with the application for membership.
A Member who through actions contravening the Codes of Conduct set out in the Club Rules will be liable to have their membership terminated and possible forfeit of the annual subscription in whole or in part.
Memberships may be transferred to another person mid- contract for an admin fee of £75.

Members shall abide by the Rules and Regulations set out and stated by the Proprietor and Management of the Club. Any member failing to adhere to the Club rules shall have their membership reviewed by the Proprietor and the Committee and may have their membership terminated without delay. All decisions are final.
Each Member shall advise the Club and its management of any change of address or relevant information. The Proprietor regards the strict observance of this rule as important.

Membership should be renewed within one month of the expiry date to guaranty same fee.


Guests shall be admitted at the discretion of the Club and its management and must be accompanied by a member at all times.
Members shall be responsible for their guests at all times. Members are permitted three guests at any one time No guest shall be admitted under the age of twenty one years of age. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of all Club rules and codes of conduct during their time in the Club and upon leaving the Club Premises. Members must not leave before any of their guests. Only members are permitted to open a tab at the bar and they do this only on presentation of their Eight membership card. Guests are not permitted to run tabs on the bar, however bills may be settled on departure by members or their guests.

An additional 20% will be added to the bill if is not settled on the day of the visit.


Each Member and their guest shall observe the rules and codes of conduct set out by the Club.
Members and their guest shall take responsibility for the security and safety of their belongings and property. Each Member and their guest agree that the Proprietor will not be liable for any belongings or property or be liable for any claim or expense resulting to loss or damage to member’s or guest’s property.
Members will be issued with a member’s security card. This card must be shown at reception and is used in conjunction with any other identification procedures deemed necessary by the Club. You must present your membership card to open a tab. Replacement cards can be arranged at a cost of £5.00
The proprietor reserves the right to refuse admission to or to eject members or their guests as it should think fit. Members shall observe such rules and obligations concerning bookings for facilities or services as the Proprietor may from time to time stipulate.
Members are advised that CCTV cameras will be used in various parts of the Club Premises.


The sale or supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club is governed by the general licensing laws and conditions from time to time in force relating to the Club Premises and Members must comply therewith.
No wagering or betting shall be allowed in the Club premises.
Alcoholic beverages may not be removed by members or their guests from the licensed areas of the Club premises.


Our loyalty program is for the use of members only and not for their guests. Please note that you need to present your card to gain points at the time of the transaction.
Our loyalty program will NOT apply to the following:

1. Memberships
2. Exclusive venue hire events
3. Events more than 10people. (Excluded Quartier reservation a la carte)


Members are requested to ensure that all mobile phones are set to vibrate whilst in the club. Members are permitted calls whilst in the lounge area. Mobile phones are permitted to be used in any of the private rooms. No video or pictures are allowed to be taken in public areas.

Conference calls are only permitted in any private rooms.

In addition to the above rules and Regulations, the club asks Members to observe the following simple guidelines pertaining to their behaviour whilst present in the club.

1. Violence will not be tolerated
2. No arm wrestling.
3. No shouting.
4. Conduct yourself with decorum.
5. Treat the Club’s staff with respect.
6. Respect your Club.
7. Respect other members.
8. Every member is responsible for the actions and behaviour of their guests.
9. Dress appropriately.
10. No nonsense.
11. Drug taking will not be tolerated


At the end of your contract should you wish not to renew your membership any credit on your membership account will remain valid for 30 days, after which time the account will be deleted and as such the credit voided.



Two hours complimentary will applied if member is present. If member is not present a fee will be applicable.
All rooms can be booked from 8am until 5pm. After 5pm all rooms will require minimum spend.

Cancellation fees may apply as per follow: All cancellations must be made in writing via email.
Meeting with 10 people or less
1. Cancellations not less than 7 days - no charge
2. Cancellations not less than 24hrs - £10 /pers
Meeting above 10 people or more
1. Cancellations not less than 7 days - no charge
2. Cancellations not less than 24hrs - room hire+ pre-order food will be charged


Quiet work space throughout the lounge until 6pm.
After 6pm Lounge atmosphere will become Bar Lounge with louder music. If quiet area is required please ask one of our team members , they will do their best to accommodate.

No external drinks or food is allowed in the clubs.

Members can only use one benefit at the time to settle their bill.

(Club rules may subject to change)